DADS - Diploma in Anglican Diaconal Studies

The goal of this diploma is to form and educate Anglican Deacons for service in the church and the world. The diaconate of the Anglican churches is an historic order with roots in the ancient church, adapting to the needs of the church and the world in our own age. In the Anglican Church, the diaconate is a distinctive ministry of service and agency, gifted and equipped to inspire and mobilize others into ministries of service, healing, and justice. They serve directly under the bishop of a diocese and help to carry out the bishop’s ministry. Once ordained, deacons exercise leadership among the faithful, encouraging, training, and organizing them for various ministries.


Program Length
Distance Learning

Length of Program

This is a 25-credit hour program. The Diploma may be completed full- or part-time. Please note the diploma must be completed within five years of a student’s start date.


Theological and Pastoral Core (12 credits)

Anglican Studies (7 credits)

  • Anglican Liturgy - DS501 (2)
  • Diaconal Ministry- DS502 (2)
  • One of: Anglican Polity, Mission and Ministry - DS601 (3), OR Anglican History, Theology and Spirituality - HIS650

Electives (6 credits from among)

Information Literacy and Research Skills

All degree and diploma students are required to complete six hours of non-credit, no-fee research modules in Information Literacy. The modules will engage students in hands-on as well as theoretical work intended to develop knowledgeable, disciplined and critically astute researchers.

See the Research Skills Module Schedule for further information.


Students are expected to have a bachelor’s degree and competency in English, demonstrated if needed by writing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) examination. Some students may be permitted to apply to the Diploma with a combination of education and experience or at the discretion of their bishop.

Note: In order to qualify for admission to the Diploma in Diaconal Studies, an applicant must be supported by their Diocese for training.  Please discuss your interest with the Venerable G Douglas Fenton, Executive Archdeacon, Diocese of New Westminster, or the equivalent in your Diocese.

Distance Learning

The Diocese of New Westminster requires that at least 50% of this program must be completed onsite.  For students from a diocese other than the Diocese of New Westminster, their bishop will decide how much of the program they must complete on-site.

Please note that certain required courses may not be available via distance, such as Anglican sacramental retreat courses, DS501 (Anglican Liturgy) and DS502 (Anglican Diaconal Studies)