VST Academy

Good Theology for God’s World

VST’s mandate propels us to provide offsite continuing educational opportunities to our wider community, and courses are currently offered annually at various locations in BC, and on occasion in locations wider afield such as Alberta, Washington State, and Hawaii. These courses are taught by VST faculty who bring their academic expertise and passion for teaching directly to congregations. Registration is required and a small fee covers the cost of the course. Courses are generally in a workshop format and include a free public lecture that all participants attend as part of their instruction.

These mini-courses can be assembled into a series of two to four weekends (or more if you want) in any order and from any of the following VST professors. When your local group of clergy is considering a VST Academy program you are encouraged to combine courses into focused series, such as an “Introduction to Christianity” or a series focused on “Outreach and Social Ministries” or another series on the arts of ministry for lay people. There is so much choice, you might run an introductory series one year, and invite VST back for an “advanced” or more focused series in a following year. Dream big to support great lay education.

For information about scheduling a VST Academy series in your area, please contact:
Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls, Dean
patdw@vst.edu | 604-822-9804