VST Summer School 2021

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School – Online

July 12th to July 23rd, 2021

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School (ISP) Online is offered annually during two weeks in July. This is an opportunity for students who are often isolated from one another to gather, learn, and worship together.

Summer school is also an opportunity for intensive course work for students in the Indigenous Studies Program MDiv by Extension. ISP Summer School serves people from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, with an international and largely Indigenous faculty.

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School is holistic and interdisciplinary. Courses examine sacred scripture, theology, and philosophy through the lens of Indigenous thought. Courses achieve this by examining social data, literary-oral tradition and the artistic cultural aspects of Indigenous spirituality.

Our array of courses offers a wide range of topics for a critical mind and a curious spirit. Be ready to embark on a journey of learning, healing, and growth!

Registration for ISP Summer School 2021 is now closed.

Tuition & Fees
Summer School Information


Tuition & Fees


  • $35 CAD Registration Fee (non-refundable)


  • Audit Course: $270 CAD
  • ISP/ConEd Course: $345 CAD
  • MDiv Course: $843 CAD ($281.00/credit x 3 credits/course)

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Summer School Information


  • MDiv tutorials are for students in the ISP-MDiv program only.

Non-Indigenous Student Registrations

  • There is a 20% registration cap for non-Indigenous student registrations. Participants will be advised when wait listed.

Course Credit

Courses can be taken for MDiv credit (3), ConEd credit (1.5) or Certificate credit (1.5), and Audit.

Daily attendance and a final project are the requirements for M.Div. credit. In order to receive ISP credit, students must attend 15 hours of class and submit daily journals. Audit students should attend a minimum of 60% of lecture hours.

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School courses may be taken for transfer credit. Please contact the Indigenous Studies Program office (isp@vst.edu) to inquire about transferable degree credit.

Please note that you can use your ISP Credits towards the Indigenous Studies Program Certificate.

Course Cancellation

In the event of low registrations, some courses may be cancelled. Information on course cancellation will be available on our website in early June.

Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, please download the ISP Summer School Financial Aid form and send it to isp@vst.edu.