VST Bruderholz Podcast

Bruderholz Podcast

The Bruderholz Podcast introduces the faculty of the Vancouver School of Theology in conversation about how their scholarship engages the church and the world God loves. Bruderholz is the name of a restaurant/pub in Basel, Switzerland where the theologian Karl Barth held informal conversations and then classes after his retirement in 1963. Barth said that in the university classroom teaching theology was formal presentation, in the pub is was more like gymnastics – testing and trying out some ideas.  We hope to catch the spirit of that engagement on this podcast.

Bruderholz is hosted by Principal Richard Topping along with Rector’s Cupboard Podcast host, Todd Wiebe. Production by VST student (and cohost of Rector’s Cupboard) Allision Williams who joins in the conversation.

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Episode 2
Episode 1

A Conversation with Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan

A conversation with Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan, director of Inter-religious Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies at Vancouver School of Theology.

Introduction to Bruderholz Podcast

Principal Richard Topping engages with Todd Wiebe and Allision Williams on the question Why does theology matter today? and We consider how the Vancouver School of Theology aims to be educate and form students who are thoughtful, engaging and generous. We talk about the programs, perspective and community engagement of VST.