At VST we believe that to go deep in Christian faith is to go wide with our neighbours for the sake of the world that God so loves.

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Tuition & Financial Aid

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UBC Resources

How to Create Campus Wide Login (CWL)

A UBC Affiliate Student Number is needed for students to create a CWL. Please see the instructions on how to create your CWL here. If you have any question about setting up your CWL, please contact with your UBC Affiliate Student Number. Please ensure you select “Affiliate Student” instead of “Basic Account” to access UBC library and link your U-Pass successfully.

UBC Student Recreation Center

Access granted for AMS Eligibility: Your profile with UBC Recreation is created after you login to the UBC rec system using your CWL. When this step is done, any eligibility memberships (like the AMS – Eligibility) will be assigned.

  • Senior students have the AMS fee waived but still receive the “AMS – Eligibility” membership and qualify for the associated programs.
  • Distance students do not pay the AMS fee and do not receive the “AMS – Eligibility” membership in their system and as such do not qualify for any of the associated programs. For more information regarding your eligibility for the associated programs, please see here. 



UBC Library

Please see the information regarding how to access the UBC library here. 

UBC Student Health Services

Students enrolled at the Vancouver School of Theology are welcome to access the following Student Health and Wellbeing services here.

UBC Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication

VST students are expected to have full access to library e-resources and book lending privileges. Students would also be able to register for writing workshops and writing consultations with a valid CWL. If they have any difficulty registering for workshops and consultation services, please directly contact the CWSC by to enquire about their workshops and consultation services or the UBC IT Help Desk to confirm their CWL. See details here.

UBC Center of Accessibility

The UBC Center of Accessibility assesses academic accommodations for VST students. Please see more information here.  For registering with Center of Accessibility, please click here.

UBC Botanical Garden

Students with a valid UBC card are able to enter Nitobe Memorial Garden and the Botanical Garden for free, however the Treewalk will be an additional $9.45 (after tax).

UBC Museum of Anthropology

All UBC staff and students are offered free admission to MOA with a valid UBC ID. Click here to see more information.

Compass Card and U-Pass

The U-Pass BC program provides students with universal, accessible, and affordable access to public transit across the Metro Vancouver Region. The U-Pass BC Program is offered to students through a partnership between the Province of BC and Translink and under agreements in place between TransLink, UBC, and the AMS. Students pay for this through mandatory student fees collected by UBC. U-Pass BC enables eligible students to receive a three-zone pass valid for all TransLink Bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus services throughout Metro Vancouver. Please see a FAQ here. 

UBC Career Center

UBC Career Center is limited to UBC students and alumni. However, there are some career resources that can help you navigate the job-searching process:

UBC Career Resources

BC Settlement and Integration Services for employment, immigration, and settlement, and improving your language skills

Vancouver Public Library for employment and improving your language skills

AMS Student Nest

The AMS Student Nest is a campus hub for students to eat, shop, socialize, and study. Find informal study spaces on all 4 floors of the Nest, from casual tables on the ground floor, study aisles overlooking the campus, and quiet lounge spaces. Visit for more information.

AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan

The AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan was designed by students for students to take care of expenses not covered by basic health care plans, such as British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP), equivalent provincial health care plans, and private basic plans. The comprehensive Plan covers prescription drugs, dental care, psychologist visits, travel health coverage, vision care, and much more.

Click here for coverage details.

To see the current AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan FAQ, click here.

Click here to see how to create your member profile with Pacific Blue Cross.

Click here to see how to submit a claim online.

Click here to see the Pay Direct Card.

UBC Financial Planning Guide

Review the resources on UBC’s website that can help you with financial planning:



Get one-on-one pastoral or spiritual counselling and find opportunities to engage in a faith tradition by visiting

New Student Checklist

  1. If you are an international student, please refer to for your arrival.
  2. Register for your courses on Populi. Check important dates and deadline including registration period and course change dates.
  3. Check your UBC affiliate student number on Populi under your profile.
  4. Apply for your UBC affiliate student card by filling out the form under UBC Forms. Distance students only need to fill out the form if you want to obtain a physical card. VST will mail it to you.
  5. Create your Campus Wide Login (CWL) by using your UBC affiliate student number to access UBC resources and benefits such as UBC Library, U-Pass and UBC Recreation Center.
  6. Join our Populi groups! We have denominational groups, VST Student Association (for VSTSA events and updates), VST Student Resources (for VST and UBC Resources), VST Virtual Bulletin Board (for VST faculty, staff and students) and Housing for International and Non-Local Students (only for international and non-local students looking for housing). You can navigate the Populi groups by
  7. Update your Social Insurance Number for tax slips and your most current address for U-Pass eligibility on Populi by
  8. Understand your eligibility for U-Pass by referring to Compass Card and U-Pass. Check your AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan by referring to If you start in May, you can self-enroll during the Change-of-Coverage Period and pay fees directly to the Student Care.