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Theological education combines the love of scholarship, courage to take up the issues of our time and readiness to collaborate with our local and global neighbours for the good of God’s world.

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VST’s Theological, Educational, Curricular and Communal Commitments

VST’s Theological Foundations

  1. God calls a people from the world to be a blessing for all creation.
  2. The God revealed in the history of Israel and in Jesus Christ calls us to think together with tradition for the sake of the present and the future.
  3. We meet God’s image in our neighbour and in all creation.

VST’s Educational Objective:

We are called to educate and form thoughtful, engaged and generous Christian leaders together with friends of other faith and cultural traditions.

VST’s Curricular Goals:

  1. Faithful discernment of the demands of Christian service.
  2. Rigorous engagement with Christian tradition and contemporary learning.
  3. Hospitable and respectful collaboration with Indigenous spiritualities and other cultural and faith traditions for the good of all creation.

VST’s Educational Community Commits to:

  1. Theological education and formation (theological, biblical, pastoral, ethical, liturgical, historical, indigenous and inter-religious) for the flourishing of God’s people.
  2. Inspiring discerning Christian discipleship within and outside this community.
  3. Respect for the dignity of every person.
  4. Learning and scholarship undertaken with diligence and openness.
  5. Encouraging prophetic speech and just action for the love and welfare of creation.

Continuing Education