VST Summer School

July 1st to 12th, 2024

Vancouver School of Theology is pleased to announce its plans for July summer school programming. Most courses will be taught in hybrid form, in-person classrooms and virtual Zoom classrooms. Classes will be taught synchronously only.

Vancouver School of Theology has been using Zoom with great success with its growing number of distance students, and is pleased to extend this opportunity to its Summer School participants. To participate via Zoom, please register using course codes that end with ‘D’.

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Public Lectures
Summer School Information

Public Lectures



Audit & Certificate Tuition

  • Regular Rate
  • Audit Registration: $300 (early bird $285 until May 15, 2024)
  • Continuing Education Certificate Credit: $375 (early bird $360 until May 15, 2024)

Degree Credit Tuition & Registration

Most Summer School courses are also available for 1.5 credits of either basic or advanced graduate degree credit. Current degree tuition rates apply, plus a $45 Registration fee.  Registration takes place through the Student Portal and opens on April 2, 2024.

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Summer School Information

Course Expectations

  • Summer courses are open to all interested participants. There are no prerequisites or theological training needed to audit a course. Auditors attend and participate in the course but are not required to submit any assignments for grading. It is our hope that all summer school students will be able to participate in real-time in the virtual classrooms, although an asynchronous option for auditors is available if necessary.
  • All degree, diploma and certificate students are expected to maintain 100% attendance and be in person (synchronous only if via Zoom).

Equipment Requirements for Synchronous Distance Learning

  • A relatively recent laptop, desktop, or mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
  • If using a desktop computer, an external webcam will most likely be required.
  • A headset with built-in microphone, or a pair of headphones and your device’s built-in microphone (i.e. laptop mic). Headphones are required for the best audio experience.

Continuing Education Certificate Credit

If reading and writing help you engage more deeply with course material, you may want to consider taking a class for Continuing Education Certificate credit. Work expectations include preparation and reading before the start of the course with a graded reflection paper following.

CTS – Certificate in Theological Studies

Degree Credit

Most Summer School courses are also available for 1.5 credits of either basic or advanced graduate degree credit. Current degree tuition rates apply.  A $45 registration fee for summer degree students is also assessed.

If you are interested in taking a course for degree credit towards your VST degree program, or to transfer into a comparable theological degrees elsewhere, please register via your Student Portal or email (Do not register with the summer online registration form.)

Course Outlines & Required Readings

Course outlines and required reading texts will be posted online as they arrive (likely by end of April). Please refer to each individual course above to find course outlines and required reading.


Please make your own arrangements for acquisition of the Required Texts for your course through your local bookstores. Online bookstores such as or have competitive prices with fast shipping to your neighbourhood.


VST is a non-residential graduate school, meaning we do not have housing for our students. However, there are a myriad of options available for students looking for short-term accommodations either on or off campus. Here are just a few of the resources available:

Financial Aid

The H.R. MacMillan Fund for Clergy Continuing Education provides funding for Clergy continuing education in British Columbia, or for any clergy person taking courses at Vancouver School of Theology.

Financial aid application information coming soon…

Course Cancellation

In the event of low registrations, some courses may be cancelled. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Information on course cancellation will be available on our website in early June. If VST has to cancel a course, you will be given a full refund.

Withdrawal Policy

If you withdraw from a course, notification must be received in writing to the Registrar by the dates below.  In all cases a $25 admin fee is non-refundable ($45 for degree credit withdrawals). Of the remaining fees, the following are refunded depending on the date of withdrawal:

  • 100% is refunded prior to the 1st day of classes
  • 80% is refunded by the end of the first day of class;
  • 40% is refunded by the end of the second day of class;
  • 20% is refunded by the end of the third day of class;
  • After the third day of class, no refund can be given.