Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2022-23
Tuition Deferment
Fee Refunds & Withdrawals

Tuition 2022-23

Tuition Rates (Starting May 1, 2022)

  • Basic Rate: $290.00 per credit hour
    (Diplomas, MDiv, MA, MATS)
  • Advanced Rate: $420.00 per credit hour
    (ThM, GDTS)
  • Certificate Rate: $200.00 per credit hour
  • Auditing Rate: $146.00 per credit hour

International and Domestic tuition rates are the same

Students may make payments by credit card (through their Student Portal), Interac e-transfer to or by post-dated cheques. International students can also pay via Flywire:

Tuition Discount

  • 50% reduction in Continuing Education Certificate credit tuition (one course/term):
    Seniors (65+), VST faculty & staff
  • 50% reduction in Auditing tuition (one course/term):
    Seniors (65+), full-time VST students, spouses/partners of VST full-time students, VST faculty, staff & board members, VST alumni

Fall and Spring Terms only (Jan Interterm is considered part of Spring Term).
Eligible for one course per term. 

Note: Tuition discounts for Basic and Advanced Degree students have been discontinued.   50% tuition bursaries are available to degree students with financial need.

Auditing Tuition

  • Rate: $146.00 per credit hour

Tuition Subsidy
Lay people wishing to audit a VST Continuing Education course or workshop can apply for a tuition bursary of up to 25% of the tuition fees, to a maximum of $100. Ordained clergy can apply for a Continuing Education bursary through the HR MacMillan Fund. For more information please visit Financial Aid.


Academic Fees

  • Maintenance: $360.00 (charged only when student is active in completing program requirements but not otherwise enrolled in additional coursework)
  • Thesis or Comprehensive Exam Fee: $200.00 (charged in the term in which a student is submitting their final thesis, or writing comprehensive exams)

VST Student Fees

  • Registration and Technology Fee: $20/credit hour of registration
  • VST Students’ Association: $20/term
  • Graduation Fee:$100
    (charged in the Spring term of graduation)

UBC Fees (Non-Refundable)

UBC Alma Mater Society (UBC AMS) Fees (2022 fees TBD.  Below are 2021 rates)
The UBC Alma Mater Society is a student-run organization that provides services, support, and resources. 

  • Membership: $110.00 (Fall); $110.00 (Spring)
  • Health and Dental Plan
    12 months: $277.50
    Jan to Aug: $185.00
  • UPass: $176.80 per term

All VST Students enrolled in 3 or more credit hours, and living in the GVRD will be assessed UBC fees, including those choosing to take their course(s) via Zoom.  Only distance students not living in the GVRD, and those enrolled only in Clinical Pastoral Education are exempt. 

Basic Medical Insurance

Students must show adequate hospital and medical insurance coverage has been obtained upon registration. Students not already covered, or students from outside of British Columbia, should obtain information from the BC Medical Services Plan office.

If you have any questions about fees, please contact:
Admissions Office
604-822-0824 |

Tuition Deferment

In exceptional cases when a student is unable to pay tuition and fees by the date on which they are due (typically the end of the 4th week of each term) the student will request a deferment of the due date by submitting a Deferment Request  to the Academic Dean or Director of the ISP (depending the student’s program).

In all cases, tuition must be paid by the end of the current term.   Registration for a subsequent term can not take place until tuition is paid in full.


Fee Refunds & Withdrawals

Withdrawal from some portion of the program may result in the reassessment of charges and a partial refund. Any refund is calculated from the day the the Registrar’s Office receives in writing from the student notification of withdrawal from their course or program, OR when the student self-withdraws from VST’s Populi student management system (whichever comes first).

Fall and Spring Terms

Tuition and fee refunds will be made on the following basis when notification is received:

  • 100% is refunded during the first two weeks of classes;
  • 60% is refunded during the third and fourth weeks of classes;
  • 40% is refunded during the fifth and sixth weeks of classes;
  • 20% is refunded during the seventh and eighth weeks of classes;
  • After the eighth week of classes, no refund can be given.

Note:  Refunds of UBC fees may not be available after classes begin

Short-Term Intensive Courses (January Interterm; Summer School; Fall & Spring weekend courses)

Short-term Intensive course refunds will be made on the following basis when notification is received:

  • 100% is refunded prior to the 1st day of classes
  • 80% is refunded by the end of the first day of class;
  • 40% is refunded by the end of the second day of class;
  • 20% is refunded by the end of the third day of class;
  • After the third day of class, no refund can be given.

Note: For intensives shorter than 4 days, no refund can be given after the end of the 1st day of class

Withdrawal from (non-credit) Workshops and Conferences

If withdrawal notification is received by the Registrar prior to the event, a full refund will be given, minus a $25 administration fee.