Summer School

Two companion summer schools are held at VST each summer: the VST Summer School and the Indigenous Studies Program Summer School.

Vancouver in the summer is beautiful; it is a perfect time to welcome you to the temperate shores of Burrard Inlet at Vancouver School of Theology for our Summer School. Courses in preaching, Bible, theology liturgy, and spirituality are all waiting to be discovered. Learners at all levels are welcome. Please explore the options to find a course or a retreat that engages your interest, passion, curiosity, and imagination. We look forward to welcoming our friends back to Summer School, and eagerly anticipate making new ones. If you are wondering whether your friends are coming, they are!

VST Summer School

July 1st to 12th, 2024

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Each year, VST offers a Summer School that brings together religious leaders and teachers to offer both degree and continuing education programs in a wide variety of disciplines. During July the faith, knowledge, skills, and insights of instructors from Asian, European, and North American seminaries, universities, and other institutions enliven the campus. Participants come from around the world, some seeking degree credit, others pursuing areas of personal interest. The fabric of the summer school is woven from several strands: biblical studies, historical and theological studies, worship and preaching, congregational ministry and development, spirituality, and inter-religious studies.

ISP Summer School

July 8th to July 19th, 2024

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The Indigenous Studies Program Summer School is offered annually during two weeks in July. This is an opportunity for students who are often isolated from one another to gather, learn, and worship together. It is also an opportunity for intensive course work for students in the Indigenous Studies Program. The Summer School serves people from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, with an international and largely Indigenous faculty.