Dr. Kenneth Wallace

Kenneth Wallace Headshot 2022 – Web

Summer School Instructor


Dr. Kenny Wallace, Aboha ‘a Chihowa, is an African American Choctaw Pawnee from the United States living in Canada. He holds a doctorate in Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies with a focus on Christian contextualization of Indigenous worship. He teaches nationally and internationally about multi-ethnic worship with his organization Kingdom Reflections Multi-Ethnic Worship Ministries, Kairos University, and NAIITS:A Learning Community. He is a hoop dancer in the Way of Jesus both at powwows and for Blanket Exercises hosted by Kairos Canada, avid bead worker, and musician. He is also a certified ethnoarts specialist with the Global Ethnodoxology Network. In his spare time he runs a jewelry and essential oil business focused on wholistic wellness: physical, spiritual, and emotional. He is married to Achlaï Ernest, an esteemed leader in her own rite, and together they have a seven-year-old growing worship leader named Hadassa.