Kenneth Wallace

Kenneth Wallace Headshot

Instructor, ISP Summer School 2021

Dr. Kenny Wallace, Aboha ‘a Chihowa, is an African American Choctaw Pawnee from the United States living in Canada. He holds a doctorate in Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies with a focus on Christian contextualization of Indigenous worship. He teaches nationally and internationally about multi-ethnic worship with his organization Kingdom Reflections Multi-Ethnic Worship Ministries. He is a hoop dancer in the Way of Jesus both at powwows and for Blanket Exercises hosted by Kairos Canada, avid bead worker, and musician. He is also a certified ethnoarts specialist with the Global Ethnodoxology Network. In his spare time he runs a jewelry and essential oil business focused on wholistic wellness: physical, spiritual, and emotional. He is married to Achlaï Ernest, an esteemed leader in her own rite, and together they have a six-year-old growing worship leader named Hadassa.