Religion and Thoughtful Activism

Code: IPI517

Dates: May 14, 2021 - June 4, 2021

Class schedule: Friday, May 14th, 10am – 4pm (via Zoom) | Conference dates: May 25-27 (via Zoom), Friday, June 4th, 10am – 4pm (via Zoom)

This course offers an opportunity to prepare for, attend, and reflect on VST’s on-line Inter-Religious Conference (May 25-27) on the theme “Religion and Thoughtful Activism.” At the conference, which will be a real-time, online event, accessed through Zoom and Canvas, presenters will explore the following theme:

The world is changing. Our politics, economics, climate, and health are under stress. Old social divisions are intensifying. New coalitions are forming. We’re examining the justice of relationships in and between community institutions. People of faith, along with others, feel called to take action. But what are best practices for activism, resistance, and change? How can our traditions and philosophies guide us? How should we critique and strengthen them?