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Religion & Thoughtful Activism

Online Academic & Community Conference
May 25th to 27th, 2021

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Conference Theme

The world is changing. Our politics, economics, climate, and health are under stress. Old social divisions are intensifying. New coalitions are forming. We’re examining the justice of relationships in and between community institutions. People of faith, along with others, feel called to take action. But what are best practices for activism, resistance, and change? How can our traditions and philosophies guide us? How should we critique and strengthen them?

Conference papers can draw on multiple academic disciplines, and be grounded in any religious, spiritual or non-theistic tradition.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote events are free and open to the public.

Registration is now closed.

Papers and Workshop Sessions

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Open to registered conference participants.

  • Shaimaa Alessai, “Re-shaping Religious Discourse on Social Media: Feminism and Religion on Omani Twitter”
  • Rev. Stephen P. Bell, “Praying Together Before Acting Together: The Opening, Psalm 1, and the Lord’s Prayer”
  • Kari Bergrud & Shauna Kubossek, “’Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus’” and Other Swear Words: Speaking of Work in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side”
  • Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee, “Joined to One Another: Reckoning Righteousness with Phineas”
  • Rabbi Dr. Julie Danan, “Beyond Tikkun Olam”
  • Dr. Andrew Davies & Dr. Juhi Gupta, “Religion as Part of the Solution: The BMMA and Indian Women’s Rights”
  • Rev. Ofojebe Dickson, “Collaborative Multi-Faith Work: Theologies, Practices and the Prospect for Hospital Chaplaincy”
  • Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan, “Inter-Religious Education: An Activist Response to Intergenerational Trauma”
  • Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls, “Radical Discipleship: Biblical Study for Thoughtful Activism”
  • Acharya S. P. Dwivedi, “Mother Earth and Hindu Ecology”
  • Dr. Nathan Elawa, “Christianity and the Climate Crisis: A Theological and Musical Response”
  • Dr. David Falk, “Civil Defiance and Dictatorship: Comparing Protest Actions in Ramesside Egypt”
  • Kiara Falk, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Human Rights in an H+ Algorithmic Culture”
  • Robin Galey, “Call to Outdoor Worship: Healing Our Relationship with the Earth”
  • Maria Hearing, “Esther as Activist: Identifying Risk and Utilizing Privilege”
  • Dr. Brooke Hotez, “Empathy and Rhetorical Memory in If Not Now’s #NotJustAFreeTrip” Campaign”
  • Rev. Violet Johnicker, “Inter-Religious Public Advocacy: Best Practices from Illinois’ Successful Campaign to End Money Bond”
  • Dr. Charles Kaplan, “Activism Through Music: Jewish Musical Fusions that Promote Social Change”
  • Dr. Michael Karlberg, “Radical Constructive Agency: An Exploration of Baha’i Praxis”
  • James Magee, “Another or a New ‘Century of the Child’? Theologies of Childhood, the UNCRC and Rights-Based Activism”
  • Rabbi Raanan Mallek, “Interreligious Dialogue and How it Can Contribute to Peacebuilding”
  • Cathy Merchant, “Religion as a Source of Peace in the Middle East”
  • Yehuda Mansell & Monica Gregory, “A Theology of Fentanyl”
  • Barbara Matthews, “Old Age: The Paradox of Physical Decline and Spiritual Greatness”
  • Rev. Barry Morris, ”Contemplative and Praxis Engagements: Hopeful Realism in Urban Ministry”
  • Dr. Terry Neiman, Closing Dialogue Workshop
  • Dr. David Prfrimmer, “A Public Ethic and Spirit for Pandemic Capitalism?”
  • Marcus Riedner, “A Push to Zero, Epistemology, and COVID-19, a Theological Perspective from Alberta”
  • Harold Rosen, Chohre Rassekh, Sherry Marceil, & Neil McKenzie, “Thoughtful Interfaith Activism: Provincial Perspectives”
  • Lauren Sanders, “Dismantling Colonization and Systemic Racism: A Workshop”
  • Gustavo H.R. Santos, “Wonderfully Maid: Hagar as a Spiritual Guide for Brazilian Domestic Workers”
  • Dr. Mark Stein, “Deciphering God-Talk for Atheist Activists”
  • Rev. Todd Wiebe, “The Myth of the Beleaguered Majority: Grievance Posing as Faith in Evangelical Subculture”
  • Rachel Wilkowski, “Depicting God’s Justice in Children’s Bibles”
  • Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning, “Courageous Activism without Bullying: A Workshop”
  • Dr. Syed Nasir Zaidi, “Suitability of Radical, Conservative, and Progressive Islamic Approaches to Multifaith Involvement”


Registration is now closed.
The cost is $50 for students and $100 for non-students.


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