Lauren Aldred

Lauren March 2022 – web

Summer School Instructor


Lauren believes her primary relationship is with Creator experienced through the Land. Her mixed heritage is English and non-status Plains Indigenous. Her husband is an Indonesian artist; between them they have six adult children. She lives semi-remotely with two large dogs, a feral cat, and four hens. Lauren writes poetry and creates art. She is at the dissertation stage of her DMin. Her undergraduate work was in education and she completed her MA-PPL at VST.

Lauren has studied plant medicine from her youth. She recently completed an APA certified program in Mindfulness-Based Ecotherapy. She has worked in human service for almost 50 years. She currently works as a college counsellor, guest preacher, and workshop facilitator. She has been on the board of the CASC-BC region since 2009, including time as Chair and currently serves on the Reconciliation Council.