PCC Studies: Worship, Creeds and Confessions

Code: SAH-DS515

Dates: September 20, 2022, October 4, 2022, October 18, 2022, November 1, 2022, November 17, 2022, November 18, 2022, November 19, 2022, and November 29, 2022

Tuesdays 9am-12pm; On-site Intensive Nov 17-19

Purpose:  To help students prepare for their role as leaders (Teaching & Ruling Elders) in the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) by: (1) exploring ways of leading worship, both in weekly Sunday worship and special occasions; (2) examining the place of creeds and confessions in the PCC; and (3) exploring leadership resources initiating and implementing change that strengthens the missional focus of congregations.

Available In Person or via Zoom on Tuesdays; November Intensive On-site Only