Intro to Gwiis Maakskw (Weaving)

Code: ISP-LSX103C

Dates: July 18, 2022 - July 22, 2022

Time: 2:00 pm for 3 Hours

In the Gwiis Maakskw class, we will provide an introduction to the knowledge of basic Gwiis Maakskw (Northern Geometric Wool Weaving) techniques. We provide learning handouts and cultural teachings and a life-long connection with our students. The participants’ personal output is anticipated to be a 3” medicine pouch. The basic techniques taught will provide the learners with lifelong skills to be used towards future, larger beginner-intermediate pieces such as ceremonial head pieces and used towards an intermediate level learning to weave dance leggings and ceremonial dance aprons.

Materials includes the following for participants to own:

  • Loom header stick
  • Warp for 3” medicine pouch
  • Weft for 3” medicine pouch
  • Faux fur for header accessories
  • Yarn for neck strap
  • Learning handouts

We will have various tools for communal use during the workshop (ex: scissors, needles).

Course is only offered in-person at VST.