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Our Supporters

We are very grateful to all those who support VST financially.

Your generosity enables VST to grow and prosper, recruit outstanding students and attract gifted and talented faculty. Please return soon for a complete list of those who gave during our most recent fiscal year and monthly updates with the names of donors in this current year.

Please contact us if you discover any errors or omissions.

The Rev. Lloyd and Dr. Jan Abrams

Ms. Janet Allwork

Mrs. Joan Altar

Mr. Archie and Mrs. Hazel Anderson

Dr. Owen Anderson

Mrs. Lena M. Anderson

Ms. Bette Andrews

The Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews

Mr. Frank Anfield

The Rev. Jean P. Angus

Dr. Arnold T. Arai

Ms. Hedy Arai

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Barbara Ashby

Mr. Dereck Francis Atha

The Rev. Douglas A. Bacon

Mr. Kerry Baisley

The Rev. Joseph Ball and Ms. Caley Strachan

Ms. Phyllis Barlow

Mrs. Enid and Mr. Frederick Barnhardt

The Rev. Rilla Diane Barrett

Dr. Deborah Bartlette

The Rev. John and Mrs. Barbara Barton

The Rev. Hugh D. Bayne

Mr. Thomas Beasley and Ms. Victoria Donoghue

Dr. Marion and Mr. Jack Best

The Rev. Wendy Lynne Bily

The Rev. Montague Marshall Bingham

Mr. Ian and Mrs. Jennifer Birtwell

Ms. Joyce Blaber

The Rev. Joyce Blackburn

Mrs. Pat Blunden

Mrs. Joan Bothwell

The Rev. P. Gwen Boyd

Mr. Robert Bremner

Ms. Kathleen Brodie

Ms. Margaret Brooke

Mr. Doug Brown and Ms. Thekla Fulton

Ms. Elisabeth Brown and Mr. Frank Moritsugu

Ms. Donalda J. Brown

Mrs. Mary C. Brown

Mrs. Mary Bryce and Mr. Ronald Bryce

Mrs. Janet M. Bulman

Mrs. Joan and The Rev. Robert Burrows

The Rev. Robert and Mrs. Joan Burrows

The Rev. E. Laura Butler

Ms. Joyce Caley

The Rev. Bruce J. Cameron

Mr. David Cameron

Mr. John A. Campbell

The Rev. Amethyst E. H. Campbell

Mrs. Nancy P. Cartwright

Dr. Ken and Dr. Elaine Carty

The Rev. John Massey Cashore

Ms. Lynda Catchpole

The Rev. Canon Edward and Mrs. Elizabeth Celiz

Dr. Eleanore Chamberlain

Mrs. Edith and Mr. Gordon Chamberlayne

The Rev. Steven Chambers

Mr. Orval Kenneth Chapman

Ms. Anne Christian and Mr. Charles Siddall

Ms. Ruth Chueh

Dr. Heather F. Clarke

The Rev. Ellen and The Rev. Jeremy Clark-King

Mr. James A. Cliffe

Mrs. Sally Clinton

Mr. Roland and Mrs. Abundia Cobb

Mrs. Shari Coltart

Mrs. Mary and The Rev. Ross Connal

Mrs. Shirley Cook

The Rev. Barry Cooke and The Rev. Sharon Moore Cooke

Mr. John Cooper

The Rev. Sharon and Mr. Robert Copeman

Dr. Tamiko Corbett

Mardee Cork

The Rev. Janet Margaret Craig

The Rev. William and Mrs. A. Crockett

The Rt. Rev. James D. Cruickshank, PhD

Mr. Allan Cunningham

The Rev. Dorothy Isabel Daly

Mr. Thomas Davidson

Ms. Jean Davidson and The Rev. Allen Aicken

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Helga Davis

The Rev. Glen and The Rev. Joyce Davis

The Rev. Gwendolyn Alexandra Davis

The Rev. Shelley L. Den Haan

The Rev. Paul Peters Derry

The Rev. Frances Leigh Deverell

Ms. Anne Dewar

Mr. Rod Downing

Mrs. Joan A. Dowse

The Rev. Joseph D. Driskill

Rabbi Laura and Dr. Charles Duhan-Kaplan

Ms. Susan Frances DuMoulin

Mr. Richard L.J. Dunsterville

The Rev. Patricia Dutcher-Walls

The Rev. William Dyer and Ms. Wendie Reinhardt

The Rev. Hendrik J. Dykman

Dr. George W. Eaton

Ms. Doreen Egger

Mr. and Ms. John Elford

The Very Rev. Peter Elliott and Mr. Thomas Roach

Mrs. Mary Louise Elliott

Mr. Alvin Esau

Ms. Margaret Eto

The Rev. Derek Evans

Mr. R. James Evans

Mr. Richard Evans and Ms. Diana Lam

Mrs. Beverley Falconer

The Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Patricia Farris

Mrs. Rebecca A. Fast

The Rev. Brenda Fawkes and The Rev. Nancy Talbot

The Rev. Cheryl and Mr. Duane Fear

Mr. Barry Flavelle

Ms. Elspeth Flood and Mr. Harry Satanove

The Rev. Frances Anne Flook

Dr. Jack C. Forbes

The Rev. Elizabeth Forrester

The Rt. Rev. John and Mrs. Barbara Frame

Mr. Robert Frampton

Mrs. Daphne and Mr. Michael Francis

The Rev. Brian Fraser and Ms. Jill Alexander

The Rev. Donna Frey Mr. Robert DeCou

Mr. Yoshio Wallace Fukumoto

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judy Fyles

Ms. Jean Galbraith

The Rev. Janet Gear and The Rev. Daniel Chambers

The Rev. Barbara Jean Gilday

Dr. Joseph Gilmour

Ms. Georgeann Glover

Mrs. Jennie Elizabeth Goodwin

The Rev. Donald and Mrs. Carleen Gordon

Ms. Rochelle Graham

The Rev. Douglas B Graves

Mrs. Jean B. Gregson

Mrs. Doreen Greig

The Rev. Arthur J. Griffin

Mr. Conrad Guelke

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Patti Gunning

Mrs. Judy F. Hager

The Most Rev. Douglas and Mrs. Denise Hambidge

Ms. Heather Hamby

Mrs. Liz and Mr. Keith Hamel

The Rev. Marilyn Hames

Ms. Meredith Hannen

The Rev. Inez L. Hannett

Mrs. Marilyn E. Hansen

The Rev. H. and Ms. Isabelle Hare

The Rev. Michael Bruce Hare

Ms. Sabina Harpe

Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Philip Harrison

The Venerable Ronald and Mrs. Sandy Harrison

Mr. Mitsuo and Ms. Emmie Hayashi

The Rev. Beth Hayward
and The Rev. Steven Chambers

The Rev. Canon James and Ms. Colleen Hearne

Mr. Barry and Ms. Ping Ping Henderson

Mr. Michael B. Hetherington

Audrey Hetherington

Ms. Pauline and Mr. John Higgins

Dr. Robert and The Rev. Helen Hill

The Rev. John E. Hooper

Ms. Audrey Hope-Reed

Dr. Ian and Dr. Billie Housego

The Rev. Dennis and Gayle Howard

Miss M. K. Huddleston

The Honorable Edward Norman Hughes, QC

The Rev. Blyth Alvin Hughes

The Rev. Daebin and Ms. HeeJoung Im

Ms. Tomoko Ito

Mr. Glenn and Ms. Katherine Ives

The Rev. Howard and Mrs. Nancy Jacques

Mrs. Pat James

Mrs. Vida Jone Jaugelis

Ms. Pamela Jeacocke

Dr. Dean Jeffries
and The Rev. Canon Wendy Roy

The Rt. Rev. R. Barry and Mrs. Barbara Jenks

Mr. David Jennings

Ms. Kathleen and Mr. R. Jones

The Rev. Trevor G. Jones

Ms. Cheryl Jourdain

The Rev. David and Mrs. Alice Kalles

Mrs. Jean S. Kamimura

Ms. Alison Keller

Mrs. Margery Kellett

Mr. Rudy and Ms. Elizabeth Kerklaan

The Rev. Yoko Kihara

Ms. C. J. Knapp

The Rev. Karen L. Knaus Fast

Mrs. Amy Kondo

Mr. Ten Kortenaar

The Rev. Heidi Enid Koschzeck

Dr. Kasiyal Kothari

E. H. Koyama

Ms. Patrice and Mr. Alan Koyanagi

Dr. John Evan Kreider, PhD

Mrs. Arlene Kropp

Ms. Joyce Kruger

Ms. Amy and Mr. Ken Kurio

Ms. Darlene Lane

Mr. Robert F. Lane

Ms. Judy L. Langdon

The Rev. Audrey I. Lans

The Rev. Ormand Lavenne

The Rev. Paulina Chi Mun Lee

Miss Isabel Lee and Mrs. Anna Ling

Ms. Nancy LeMoine

Mr. Chuck Lew

Mr. Andrew Lew

Ms. Karen and Mr. Josh Lewis

Miss Cynthia J. Llewellyn

The Rev. Ross and Ms. Laura Lockhart

Mrs. Annie Long

Mrs. Barbara M. Longworth

The Rev. John S. Lougheed

Ms. Izumi and Mr. Henry Low

Ms. Celia K. Luxmoore

Ms. Wilma MacDonald

Mr. Edward W. Macdonald

Mrs. Esme MacKenzie

Mr. Neil S. MacKenzie

Dr. Harry O. Maier

The Venerable John and Mrs. Patricia Major

Mrs. M. Elinor and Mr. Stewart Martin

Ms. Rebecca Rei Maruno

Mr. Philip Marx

Mr. David M. Masuhara

Mrs. Jean and Dr. Lawrence Matrick

Mr. Rob Mayhew

Mrs. Claire Maynard

Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Marks McAvity

Mr. Alex McConnell

Ms. Mary F. McCullum

The Rev. James McCullum

Dr. Sallie McFague and The Rev. Janet Cawley

Ms. Judy McIntosh

Mrs. Clarabeth McIntosh

Mrs. Patricia McKendrick

Dr. John McLaren

Ms. Lorainne C. McLarty

Mrs. Ruth A. McLellan

Mr. David and Mrs. Holly McMillan

Mr. Gordon and Ms. Laura McNaughton

The Rev. Albert and Mrs. Leafa McNeil

The Rev. Wendy McNiven and Mr. Michael Gladman

The Rev. Robert Neill McRae

Ms. Jean McTavish

Dr. Donald J. Meen

Mr. Peter Mercer and Ms. Mary-Virginia Shaw

Mr. Edward Evans Meredith

Mr. Curtis Metzger

Dr. Ivar and Mrs. Jean Mickelson

Ms. Jan Miko

Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ann Milroy

Ms. Cheryl Mitchell

The Rev. Tadashi Mitsui

Ms. Louise Moorhouse

The Rev. Anne Morawski

Ms. Clare Morgan and Mr. Paul Sabourin-Hertzog

The Rev. Barry Kent Morris

The Rev. Harold and Mrs. Claire Munn

Mr. Mark Munn

Mrs. Dorothy Murdoch

The Rev. Arthur John Nash

Mr. A. R. Deane Nesbitt

Ms. Audrey Neumann

The Rev. Gail Dianne Newell

The Rev. Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng

Mrs. Pamela S. Niblock

Ms. Audry Nishikawa

Ms. C.A. Samaya Oakley

The Rev. Travis O’Brian and Mrs. Jasmine Aly-O’Brian

The Rev. Canon T. Herbert O’Driscoll a
nd Mrs. Paula O’Driscoll

The Venerable Peter and Mrs. B. Jean O’Flynn

Mr. Shinichi Omatsu

The Rev. Eleanor O’Neill

Mrs. Martha Onodera

The Rev. John Oussoren

The Rev. James Y. Pan

Ms. Donelda Parker

Mrs. Judith L. Parkes

Mrs. Ann Louise Patterson

Ms. Shirley Pearson

The Rev. John S. Pentland

Ms. Frances Picherack

The Rev. William and Mrs. Mary Pike

The Venerable Andrew and Dr. Judith Pike

Ms. Hilda Pipke

Mrs. Dorothy Anne Popple

The Rev. Pitman and Mrs. Vicki Potter

The Rev. Lorraine E. Powell

Ms. Jocelyn Pritchard

Mr. Clif and Mrs. Janet Prowse

Mr. H. Russel Quinn

Ms. Lynn Ramsay

Ms. Eleanor Reemeyer

Mr. Doug Regelous

The Venerable Dirk and Mrs. Karen Rinehart Pidcock

Mr. Norman Roaf

Mr. Ian and Mrs. Dorothy Robertson

Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Beverly Rodrigo

Mrs. Minerva E. Rolls

Dr. Louise Rolston

Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Fred Roots

Ms. Marilyn Ross

Ms. Elsie May Ross

The Rev. Sidney and Mrs. Mary Rowles

The Rev. Edward C. Roworth

Mr. Edward E. Rumohr

Dr. Donna Runnalls

The Rev. Paula Sampson
and The Venerable John MacKenzie

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Gladys Sankey

Mrs. Marjorie Anne Sauder

Ms. Rosemarie Schipizky

The Rev. Larry William Scott

Mrs. Dorothy H. Shaver

Ms. Ginger Shaw and Mr. Peter Mercer

Mr. Ted and Mrs. Shiz Shimizu

Mrs. Jane and Mr. Donald Shumka

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Donna Simpson

The Rev. Lyall and Mrs. Shirley Simpson

Ms. Jayne Slawson

Ms. Marilyn Sleath

The Rev. Ross Lawrence Smillie

Mr. John Smith

Ms. Louise M. Smith

Ms. Dorothy Smith

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Brigid Smyth

Mrs. Kathleen M. Snowden

Mr. Matsuo and The Rev. Lillian Soga

Mr. William Austin Sones

Mrs. Maureen Pearl Speed

The Honorable John E. Spencer

The Rev. Linda A. St. Clair

The Rev. April Marlene Stanley

The Rev. Timothy R. Stevenson

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Sandra Stevenson-Moore

The Venerable Jeannette and Mr. Philip Stigger

Mr. Donald W. Strangway

The Rev. Gabrielle D. Suedfeld

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Catherine Sully

The Rev. Karen A. Summers

The Rev. Scott Rothwell Swanson

Mrs. Mildred Symonds

Ms. Beverly Tamboline

Ms. Eleanor Tan

Mr. Lawrence Tattrie

Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Howard Teasley

Mr. Ivan Kenneth Thomas

Ms. Ruth Thomson

The Rev. Brian D. Thorpe

Mrs. Marilyn Thorsteinsson

The Rev. Richard and Ms. Amy Topping

Ms. Cynthia Turley and Mr. Peter Selnar

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Turner

Ms. Lauren Turner

Mr. Steve Tyner and Ms. Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner

Mr. Karl and Ms. Angela Van Dalen

Mrs. Rowena Van Seters

Mr. Barrie and Mrs. Margaret Vickers

Mrs. Barbara G. Wadman

Mr. William and Mrs. Margaret Walker

Ms. Lois I. Walker

Mrs. Margaret Walker

Mr. Douglas Warne

Mr. Floyd C. Wartnow

Mrs. Joan Werrun

Ms. Gwyneth and Mr. Roy Westwick

Mr. Murray and Mrs. Joan White

The Rev. Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles

Mrs. Helen and The Rev. Canon Douglas Williams

The Rev. Eunice Mary Williams

Ms. Lisa and Mr. Stephen Wittman

Mr. Henry Wong

The Rev. Helen and Mr. LeRoy Worley

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Shirley Wotherspoon

Mr. Bruce Wright

Ms. Karen Yamazaki

Mr. George J. Yamazaki

Ms. Julie Yamazaki-Lai

Mr. Ying H. Yang

Ms. Sylvia and Mr. Harold Yelland

Ms. Sumiyo Yoshida

The Rev. Janice L. Young

Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Tom Young

Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jennifer Yule

Mr. Rafik Zikry

Aldergrove United Church

Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior

Bishop Hill’s Memorial Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Calgary Presbytery United Church of Canada

Cariboo Presbytery United Church of Canada

Cedar United Church

Chilliwack UCW

Christ Church ACW

Christ Church Cathedral

Church of the Advent Anglican Ladies Guild

Cloverdale United Church

Crescent United Church

De Boer Foundation

Diocese of British Columbia

Diocese of Kootenay

Diocese of New Westminster

Diocese of New Westminster – Burd Fund

Duncan UCW

Embrace BC

Fellowship of the Maple Leaf

Fraser Tabernacle 163 Knight Templar Priests

Golden Age Academy in Vancouver

Hamilton Japanese United Church

Kamloops United Church

Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox United Church

Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.

Order of the Eastern Star

Osoyoos UCW – Dorcas Unit

Peachland UCW

Provincial Synod of British Columbia

Richmond Chinese United Church

Richmond United Church

South Burnaby UCW

St. Andrew’s Hall

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew’s UCW – Dorcas Circle

St. Faith Anglican Church

St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church

St. George’s ACW

St. James Women’s Guild

St. John the Apostle Anglican Church ACW

St. John the Divine Anglican Church

St. John’s Women’s Missionary Society

St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church

St. Michael & All Angels Anglican Church

St. Philip’s Anglican Church

St. Stephen’s United Church

St. Stephen’s United Church

Sumac Unit UCW

The Anglican Foundation of Canada

The New England Company

The Parish of All Saints Ladner

The Presbyterian Church in Canada

The United Church of Canada

Union Bay United Church

United Church of Canada Foundation

United Churches of Langley UCW

United Way of the Lower Mainland

Vancouver Foundation

Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church

Victoria Foundation

West Burnaby UCW – Fidelia Unit

West Vancouver UCW

West Vancouver United Church

Whonnock/Webster’s Corner United Church

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