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Forming thoughtful, engaged and generous Christian leaders for the church in the 21st century



At VST we are called to form thoughtful, engaged and generous disciples of Jesus Christ for service to the church and the world.

Theological education combines the love of scholarship, courage to take up the issues of our time and readiness to collaborate with our local and global neighbours for the good of God’s world. Together with First Nations communities and other faith traditions, we engage issues of truth, justice and spiritual growth. To go deep in Christian faith is to go wide with our neighbours for the sake of the world that God so loves. At VST we cultivate a community where hospitality, generosity and imagination infuse our common life. The root of this generosity is our baptismal identity in Christ who calls us to love our neighbours unconditionally without fear, to learn from our neighbours without anxiety, and to act with and for our neighbours with integrity.

Richard Topping, Principal, VST

Generous Christianity

Vancouver School of Theology was established in 1971 by joining  the Anglican and United Church schools of theology. Together, and now with the Presbyterian Church, they have created a dynamic and leading edge platform for theological education. The funds to operate the School come from generous donors, student fees, denominational support and earnings from investments. Vancouver School of Theology has always been courageous in shaping leaders for the church who address the pressing questions of the times in which we live. Enticed by a vision of the world that God is bringing towards us, students grow discontent with current arrangements, envision better possible worlds and learn to embody more humane ways of living.  Theological education stokes imagination and shapes character with alternate, life-giving practical resources enriched by holy scripture, faith and tradition.

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Imagine with us the impact in the church and the world that you can make possible through your support of the transforming ministry of theological education at VST. VST is on a new trajectory and we invite you into the circle of planning and implementing our future.

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