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Additional Sources of Funding

Lai Huang Bursary

This bursary is available to full time ministry-track students who come from and/or will minister in predominantly Muslim regions and who will further positive Christian-Muslim relationships.  Support from this bursary fund can be used in addition to other bursary support up to the total amount of tuition for students with demonstrated financial need.  Normal Financial Aid application process is to be followed.

H.R. MacMillan Clergy Grants Fund

VST manages the H.R. MacMillan fund for the Continuing Education of Clergy Please review the fund policy and application form for more information.

Continuing Education Bursaries

Lay people wishing to audit a VST Continuing Education course or workshop can apply for a tuition bursary of up to 25% of the tuition fees, to a maximum of $100.

Short-Term Housing Bursary

VST offers financial housing assistance to students who enroll in any of the following course formats: January Intensives, Weekend Series, Student Orientation, VST Summer School (maximum of 14 days or 3 consecutive weekends, one time per academic year) offered at VST’s Vancouver location only. Maximum re-imbursement available for 50% of housing cost. Please note that confirmations are required from your Director of Denominational Formation and the Registrar. Please see Terms and Policies on the application form.

Student Forms

External Scholarships and Bursaries

More Information

Denominational Support

A student’s own congregation/parish/diocese/presbytery may be a source of financial assistance. In many cases, there is an established fund for students of theology and/or a willingness to offer some financial support.

Federal and Provincial Government

The Canada Student Loans program is available to Canadians in all provinces and territories except Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut who run their own student assistance plans. This means that, in addition to a federal student loan, you may also be eligible for student loans or grants from the province or territory in which you live. While eligibility for federal and provincial loans is generally assessed using a single application form, these programs have somewhat different rules. For details on student financial assistance programs, see the provincial/territorial financial assistance office or access their website through the links listed below. Information on Canada Student Loans is available through Human Resources Development Canada Student Loan website.

National Student Loans Service Centre

P.O. Box 4030
Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4

1-888-815-4514 (within North America)
1-800-2-225-2501 (outside North America)

  • You must apply through the province in which you currently reside. In some provinces, students may obtain a grant – money given without the expectation of repayment. In BC, however, only loans are available to graduate students. Some, but not all, provinces will provide aid to students studying out of province.
  • BC residents can apply for student loans at the Student Aid BC website.
  • The Vancouver School of Theology code for this application is APAP.
  • Information and applications for each Province can be found on the National Student Loans Service Centre website.

U.S. Student Loans

If you are from the United States, VST has been assigned a school code number (G30783) by the U.S. Department of Education. This designation enables students from the U.S.A. who are attending VST on campus to apply for either a U.S. Guaranteed Student Loan or deferred payment of an existing GSL.   Graduate students are eligible for as much as $20,500 (USD) in unsubsidized loans. Unsubsidized loans accrue interest while you’re in school, although you can choose to pay it.

Graduate students are also eligible to apply for a Graduate Plus loan (subject to a credit check). The loan amount you are eligible to receive for the academic year is determined by the school, based on your cost of attendance and the amount of your Stafford loan.

To be eligible for aid, an American student must be registered at least half-time (no less than 6 credits/term) and be attending classes on the VST campus (i.e. not via distance education). Only students enrolled in graduate degree programs (MA/M.Div/Th.M) are eligible.  Certificate and Diploma programs are excluded from Title IV funding.  Students admitted under VST’s ‘Mature Student’ provision (those admitted to VST without an undergraduate degree) are also ineligible for U.S. Student Aid.

In all cases, students must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form online.

Fill out the Master Promissory Note.

If this is your first loan at Vancouver School of Theology, you will need to do Entrance Counselling.

Please Note: Off-Site programming is not eligible for funding through the federal loan program, but non-resident students (i.e. students in the Indigenous Studies Program by extension) may apply for a private student loan through a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan. See for more information.


Vancouver School of Theology is required by US Federal Regulations to make available a Consumer Disclosure for those in receipt of US student loans, as well as details about VST’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and policies related to the Return of Title IV Funds (US Loan funding).


For more information about loans