Vancouver School of Theology

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VST Academy 2019/2020

Free Evening Lectures: 7-9 pm (first date listed)
Saturday Workshops: 10 am – 3 pm (registration required)


All events held at Vancouver Taiwanese / Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church
2733 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3C5



Saturday workshops require a $25 registration fee for each weekend. For registration, please visit the VST website under the Continuing Education page. Online registration begins on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019. Reservations for lunch requested when you register for the workshops; a small fee of $10 will be collected at the workshop for those requesting lunch.

Please note: These weekend courses can also be taken as a part of VST’s Continuing Education Certificate in Theological Studies, a non-degree program for all who are interested in deepening their understanding of contemporary theological thought. For more information, please visit the VST website under Continuing Education.

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Lectures & Workshops

Oct 18/19, 2019          Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee

The Trinity and the Bible”

One of the most important questions in reading the bible is the nature of the God witnessed to in the bible. If God is triune, and God keeps promises, what does that mean for how we read the bible? The answer is: with delight. Ok, what’s the next question? . . .


Jan 17/18, 2020          Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart

“Evangelism for the Shy Christian: Learning to Speak our Faith Respectfully in the World”

While the “E Word” is scary to many kind-hearted Christians, together we will learn how to share the “Good News” through words and actions that feel authentic and appropriate in our multi-faith Canadian context.


Feb 21/22, 2020          Dr. Harry Maier

At a Time Like This, Who Needs Another Apocalypse? The Book of Revelation and Christian Identity”

Most mainline Christians either ignore or dismiss the Book of a Revelation as a violent book contrary to Jesus’ message of love. Yet popular culture and many Christian churches place its ideas and expectations front and center. This course invites us to reconsider the Book of Revelation as a part of the Bible that we should embrace for its call to thoughtful and provocative Christian discipleship.


Mar 13/14, 2020        Rev. Dr. Richard Topping

Theology for Non-theologians”

This weekend will look at central topics within the Christian church, such as Trinity and community, what does it mean to be human, Jesus and justice, and the church and the Holy Spirit.  In our discussion of these themes we will pay particular attention to the challenges and prospects for Christian confession in a time like ours.


Apr 17/18, 2020         Rev. Dr. Robert Paul

Gospel Boom: The Astounding Growth of Worldwide Christianity

One-hundred years ago, the homeland of Christianity was Europe and North America. Today, the vast majority of Christians live south of the equator in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. How did this massive change take place, and what does it mean for the future of our faith?


May 22/23, 2020        Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls

Do Justice, Love Mercy

How do people of faith address social justice issues in their local communities and the world community? This workshop uses the book of Amos to explore a Biblical and prophetic basis for involvement in social justice concerns.


June 18/20, 2020        Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan (Note Thursday evening lecture)

Sacred Texts: Where Judaism, Christianity and Islam Meet”

Learn about themes common to sacred texts in all three traditions: creation, eschatology, ethics, and the power of God.