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VST Academy – Good Theology for God’s World

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Oak Bay United Church
1355 Mitchell St,
Victoria, BC
V8S 4P9
(250) 598-5021

A series of evening public lectures and daytime workshops on theological topics designed to get you thinking and acting for the good of God’s world. The evening lectures are free and open to the public; the workshops require a small registration fee.
Workshop registration fee: $25 per workshop

New Eyes for Reading the Old Testament
Friday, February 9 7 – 9 pm Free Public Lecture
Saturday, February 10 10 am – 3 pm Workshop
This introductory lecture and workshop will help participants understand the insights and beauty found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. By engaging participants in a careful reading of biblical passages illustrating the lively story-telling of our faith tradition, we’ll discover Biblical insights and theology that help us live in God’s world.
Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls
Dean, Professor of Hebrew Bible

Four Gospels, Many Resurrections
Friday, February 23 7 – 9 pm Free Public Lecture
Saturday, February 24 11 10 am – 3 pm Workshop
Christians place at the centre of their faith the resurrection of Jesus and look to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for information about it. This course considers the resurrection stories in the Gospels as well as other parts of the New Testament in the larger context of each evangelist’s story about Jesus. It asks us to consider both what the resurrection meant for the first followers of Jesus and what it means for us today.
Dr. Harry Maier
Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies

How Then Shall We Live: Exploring the Relationship between the Spiritual and Ethical Life
Friday, March 9 7 – 9 pm Free Public Lecture
Saturday, March 10 10 am – 3 pm Workshop
Is the Christian life primarily one of peace within or of doing the right thing, of contemplation or action? Is it possible that these paths are not two, but one? The question the prophets asked, “how then shall we live,” is a profoundly human question, and multi-layered: it is an ethical question about what to do, an existential question about life’s purpose, a spiritual question about life in and with God. We will explore this question together, following the steps of the saints whose lives of love brought the inner and outer life together.
Rev. Janet Gear
Assistant Professor of Public and Pastoral Leadership

Theology for non-Theologians
Friday, March 23 7 – 9 pm Free Public Lecture
Saturday, March 24 10 am – 3 pm Workshop
In this course students are introduced to the basic talking points of the Christian faith and their relevance for the world now. The Trinity, creation, Jesus Christ and salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church and what can we hope for are some of the topics for conversation.
Rev. Dr. Richard Topping
Principal, Professor of Studies in the Reformed Tradition

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