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Transfer Students


Students who have studied at the graduate level in another theological college or seminary may qualify to transfer credit hours into their VST program. As part of their application procedure, these students must:

  • Fulfill all requirements for admission;
  • Complete their usual procedures for admission;
  • Present transcripts of marks from institutions previously attended, together with a letter of reference from the Dean or Registrar of the Institution last attended;
  • Present course outlines and syllabi, and any pertinent evaluations for the courses under question;
  • Be prepared to demonstrate skill and knowledge competencies

Decisions about the specific requirements for transfer students to complete a degree program at VST will be made in consultation with the student, the Registrar, and the appropriate faculty and Program Coordinators.

Vancouver School of Theology requires that at least 1/2 of the degree be completed at VST.

If a student has completed a Masters Degree before entering VST, up to half of the credit hours earned towards that first degree may be shared with the Masters degree being pursued at VST as long as this does not exceed 1/2 of VST’s degree requirements, and does not undermine the integrity and standards of the VST degree.

Students applying transfer credit through work competed elsewhere must have completed that work no more than 10 years prior to admission to VST.


In a number of cases, a student may have completed course work at an undergraduate level and/or  through non-degree status experience or programs.  This work may not need to be duplicated at Vancouver School of Theology.

In these cases, VST may grant advanced standing through exemptions from certain courses.  This advanced standing may be granted in two ways:

Without credit:  rather than be required to duplicate material, students may be exempted from particular course work and be required to take alternative courses to make up the required credit hours.  Ministerial or life experience does not qualify for academic credit, but may warrant exemption from a particular course or courses.

With credit:  students may be given degree credit for non-graduate level course work if it can be determined by appropriate written and/or oral assessment that students have the knowledge, competence, or skills that would normally be provided by the specific courses for which they have been admitted with advanced standing.  Advanced standing with credit is  limited to 1/4 of the total credits required for a VST degree.