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Policy on Plagiarism in Admissions Materials

Plagiarism is unacceptable academic behaviour, including plagiarism found on application materials. Any applicant whose application materials are found to include plagiarism will be immediately eliminated from consideration for admission. If the application fee has already been received by VST, it will be forfeited with no reimbursement offered.  The VST policy on plagiarism in academic work can be found in the Student Handbook at


In cases other than plagiarism where the applicant is not granted admission and chooses to appeal the decision of the Admissions committee, the applicant will proceed as follows:

  1. Contact the Dean and request elaboration of the reasons for the rejection of the application
  2. After reviewing that data, if an applicant wishes to continue he/she shall contact the Dean and request that the application be re-considered by the Admissions committee in light of the applicant’s addition of new information that addresses the reasons for the rejection;
  3. If the decision of the committee is still negative and the applicant wishes to proceed, she/he shall send a letter of appeal to the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC). The Dean’s Advisory Council is a sub-committee of the Faculty Council and is the usual body to which all academic matters can be appealed.
  4. When a member of DAC has also been a part of the original admission committee decision-making process, that person shall be excused from DAC and a replacement for him/her named by Faculty Council.
  5. DAC shall review all written material and shall hear the appellant in person if that person so desires. Members of the Admissions committee who wish to be heard may also make a submission to DAC’s deliberations.
  6. Decisions of DAC are final with no further appeal possible in the VST system. However, this does not preclude the submission of a new application at some point in the future.