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Student Handbook 2019-20

In July of each year, a Student Handbook is released with updated information and policies relating to the new academic year. When a student signs a VST registration form, they sign in assent to the policies as outlined in the concurrent year’s Student Handbook. Please review the handbook for the most up-to-date information and policies.

Student Handbook 2019-20


Student Orientation Handbook 2018

A helpful condensed handbook with information regarding UBC AMS Services, Research Modules, VST library services, and other practical details.

Student Orientation Handbook 2018-19


Theological Field Education Handbook

Field education placements at VST are designed to be mutual learning experiences in which students, mentors, and the School’s faculty establish a teaching and learning network. Although our backgrounds in ministry and our levels of engagement in a student’s placement may vary, each of us is engaged in the teaching and learning process. St. Paul’s image of the body of Christ, one with many complementary parts, commends itself to theological field education. We are mutually accountable to God and to one another. VST strives to develop an educational experience in which dialogue fosters a respectful learning environment. Posing questions, offering insights, giving encouragement and direction are the norm. The TFE Handbook is designed to assist students in their experience and planning of field education.

Theological Field Education Handbook

Learning Goals and Learning Covenant Form