Short-Term & Long-Term Accommodations

There are many choices of accommodation available in Vancouver. Having the right information will help you find a great place to live while completing your studies!

Short-Term Accommodations

VST is a non-residential graduate school, meaning we do not have housing for our students. However, there are a myriad of options available for students looking for short-term accommodations either on or off campus. Here are just a few of the resources available:

Long-Term Accommodations

Greater Vancouver is make up of several different nieghbourhoods, and municipalities, some with very similar names. For example, the Vancouver West Side include the neighbourhoods of Kitsilano and Point Grey; Vancouver West End is the neighbourhood on the west section of downtown; and West Vancouver is a separate municipality just north of Vancouver. It may help to get to know Vancouver before settling down in one neighbourhood.

To help breakdown neighbourhoods in the city and approximate costs for various accommodations visit UBC Living Off Campus.

How do I find a place?

There are several websites that advertise places to live. Some of them are listed here, please do your due diligence when selecting a place.

St. Andrew’s Hall
St. Andrew’s Hall offers housing for the entire school year and is located across from VST.

Greenwood Commons – Wesbrook Properties

Greenwood Commons is an on-campus rental property option.

Global Education City

This is the largest off-campus student accommodation provider in Vancouver.

UV Rents Line
This is the official UBC off-campus housing site for students, faculty, staff and the general public. Please note that this site does not include UBC student residence housing, which is generally not open to non-UBC students.



Facebook Groups, such as “For Rent Vancouver” has over 31,000 members or “Rent a Home-Vancouver” has over 4,000 members. There are lots of homeowners who list their places to rent on these Facebook pages. These listings generally include pictures of the rental units posted by the owners, and you can directly chat with the owners through Facebook Messenger.

VST does not endorse any of the websites listed.