Dr. Roy R. Jeal


Research Associate, New Testament

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Roy R. Jeal is Professor of Religion at Booth University College. His PhD is from the University of Sheffield, England. His teaching focuses on the New Testament and biblical hermeneutics, but he is fascinated by all aspects of the study of the Bible, theology, history, pastoralia and related subjects. A life-long interest in reading and understanding how things work pushes him to want to understand how the New Testament describes Jesus Christ, faith, what God does in the world, and how these things are meaningful. He is interested in how literary texts like those of the New Testament convey ideas and meanings, and how they move people to belief and action. His research and writing centres on literary, rhetorical and sociorhetorical approaches to interpreting New Testament texts. He has published monographs, edited volumes, and a range of essays and chapters in books. He has presented at conferences in Canada, the US, Britain, France, Sweden, Germany and South Africa. He serves on scholarly society editorial steering committees and an editorial board. He takes on frequent speaking and teaching assignments. Roy is currently preparing a sociorhetorical commentary on Colossians for the Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Series (SBL Press). When there is time, he enjoys travel, reading, and delighting in the natural environment.