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Rev. Grant Rodgers

Educational Background

B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan and an M.Div. from the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad in Saskatoon. Trained as a Spiritual Director, and is a graduate of the Pacific Jubilee Program.

Areas of teaching specialty

As Director of Anglican Formation, and a member of the faculty, my focus in teaching and formation is upon those who are studying and discerning toward ordained ministry in the life of the Anglican Church. At VST I have teaching, pastoral, liturgical and administrative responsibilities.  

What makes you passionate about teaching?

I have always loved the teaching and formational aspects of ministry, and at VST it is a huge pleasure to be working with students who are keen to be agents for change and new life in leading the Church into the future. A significant part of my role involves integrating theological learning and pastoral and liturgical practice. I lead a number of courses relating to liturgy, vocation, and pastoral practice, most of which are conducted in the format of teaching retreats. One of my passions in teaching is seeing people who are really eager to learn and grow.  One of my great rewards is the opportunity to meet with students personally to reflect with them about assignments relating to the courses I conduct, and also to help them negotiate their way through course requirements, as well as diocesan and episcopal expectations. I meet with students in more general ways, to give them a space where they can vent, explore, articulate questions, and just be heard. As pastor/mentor, I try to enable them to reflect upon their life in context, to find balance and meaningful spiritual practice, to explore their sense of connection with God and the Church, and to offer support and encouragement as academic and other deadlines and demands begin to seem overwhelming and impossible. We have some amazing students here!

What challenges do students face today that may represent new challenges with respect to changes in practices of education?

One of the challenges is the changed religious environment and the uncertainty and anxiety that goes with that. Things that once were taken for granted have come under intense scrutiny and scepticism, most people do not attend church, and the institution appears to be in chaos and decline. Another challenge has to do with creating meaningful community, as students are typically living off campus and many if not most are studying on a part-time basis. Given the fragmented nature of much of life, it is probably all the more important to enable students to develop a meaningful and viable spirituality, and an understanding of the importance of community as they move forward into various forms of ministry, some of which can be quite isolating as well as stressful.

General Information

Grant is typically at VST every Tuesday and Thursday, and coordinates Anglican Community worship, which happens every Tuesday during the regular term at 12:15 in Epiphany Chapel.  


Grant has served in many capacities in the three dioceses in which he has served, including General Synod delegate, ACPO assessor, university chaplain, Regional Dean, Archdeacon, EfM mentor, intern supervisor, supervisor for the newly ordained, Diocesan Marriage Preparation Coordinator, and chair of the Ecumenical and Multi-Faith Unit. He began ordained ministry as curate of an eight-point rural parish, and has been Rector of five parishes, from family to program size.

He continues to serve 2/3 time as a priest in the Diocese of New Westminster. He is married to Sue, a United Church minister, and between them they have six children and four grand-children. When Grant is not suffering from some sports-related injury from his “glory days,” he enjoys golf, hiking, cycling, spelunking in used book stores, reading, bird-watching, and sitting by the ocean.


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