The Rev. Dr. Maryann Amor


Maryann Amor completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at UBC, which was followed by a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies at VST. It was while at VST that she discovered her passion for biblical studies, particularly the historical books of the Hebrew Bible. After graduating from VST, she pursued a Master of Theology (with distinction) in biblical studies and a Doctor of Philosophy (Hebrew and Old Testament Studies) at New College, University of Edinburgh. Her PhD thesis, entitled “The Functions of Invocations of YHWH in 1 Kings 1-2” (supervised by Dr. David Reimer) examined the absence of God’s character in 1 Kings 1-2 alongside the many examples of characters invoking YHWH’s name. It argued that, even without God being a character in the chapters’ plot, characters use the holy name to influence the plot, often to suit their own goals/agendas. Maryann’s thesis was published by Peter Lang in 2019 as Invoking YHWH in 1 Kings 1-2. She is also the author of the article, “The Handmaid’s Tale, the Bible, and the Canadian Residential School System: A Dystopian Warning,” which will be appearing in the forthcoming book, “Who Knows What We’d Make Of It If We Ever Got Our Hands