Dr. Sallie McFague


Distinguished Theologian in Residence

Anglican Church of Canada

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I did my graduate work at Yale University (B.D., Ph.D) in the area of religious language and the way it influences our actions.  I have published several books in this area, the most recent one being Blessed are the Consumers: Climate Change and the Practice of Restraint (Fortress Press, 2013). My current project is to work on a relational “worldview”  within which to do Christian theology. We need to replace our current  individualistic worldview  which supports the inequality of capitalistic economics as well as contributing to climate change.  I teach one course a year as part of my current project, and this year it is  entitled “All Our Relations: Forms of Radical Relationality for Re-imagining God and the World.” I love teaching and feel very fortunate that I can still do some.  I recall entering kindergarten and thinking, “I want to do this for the rest of my life”—and I have!  And I feel I teach very important people, because theological students are among those people who help form, analyze, and criticize the worldview current in our time.