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ISP Summer School*

ISP Summer School*

*Formerly NMC Summer School
Our Indigenous Studies Program Summer School is offered annually during two weeks in July. This is an opportunity for students who are often isolated from one another to gather, learn and worship together. It is also an opportunity for intensive course work for students in the Indigenous Studies Program M.Div by Extension. The Summer School serves people from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, with an international and largely Indigenous faculty.

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School is holistic and interdisciplinary. Courses examine sacred scripture, theology and philosophy through the lens of indigenous thought. Courses achieve this by examining social data, literary-oral tradition, the artistic cultural aspects of Indigenous spirituality.

Our array of courses offers a wide range of topics for a critical mind and a curious spirit. Be ready to embark on a journey of learning, healing and growth!


2018 ISP Summer School Program

Week 1: July 16 – 20
Week 2: July 23 – 27

Week 1: July 16 @ 6PM
Week 2: July 23 @ 6PM
Mandatory for all non-indigenous students (Indigenous students are welcome).


Courses and Outlines

M.Div Course Lecture: 9am – 12pm (open to all)
M.Div Course Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm (mandatory for M.Div students)
Con.Ed Course Lecture: 2pm – 5pm  (open to all)

Students taking M.Div lectures only, may obtain Con.Ed credit by selecting the “Con.Ed” option for their preferred course when completing the registration process.

Summer 2018

cclispCont. Ed.  ISP-PTX112 – The Art of Listening in the Midst of Ministry

ISP-PTX112 – The Art of Listening in the Midst of Ministry

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

Eloecea, Ph.D. July 16 – 20 Lecture: 2pm – 4pm Small Group Practice: 4pm – 5pm Hearing involves the physiological ability of the auditory system to receive and understand sounds. Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. We will explore the art of listening to self, to the . . .

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cclispCont. Ed.  ISP-PTX150 – Suicide in our Land: A Pastoral Care Resource

ISP-PTX150 – Suicide in our Land: A Pastoral Care Resource


Debbie Royals and Ginny Doctor July 16 – 20 Lecture: 2pm – 5pm The high rate of suicides in our communities has compelled not only a response but action. The Indigenous Theological Training Institute and the Office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, Anglican Church of Canada collaborated in publishing this resource. Its focus is . . .

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cclispCont. Ed.  ISP-SPX115 – Healing & Spirituality: History, Issues & Tools

ISP-SPX115 – Healing & Spirituality: History, Issues & Tools

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

Arlene Roberts July 23 – 27 Lecture: 2pm – 5pm This week long session focuses on issues: from residential schools, generational trauma, healing and health to developing tools for your community and family each day students will open each session in a healing circle final day will be Understanding our Matrilineal society: Women & the . . .

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cclispM. Div.  ISP-PTX551 – Indigenous Christian Urban Faith Communities: The Work and Ministry

ISP-PTX551 – Indigenous Christian Urban Faith Communities: The Work and Ministry

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

Robert Two Bulls July 16 – 20 Lecture: 9am – 12pm Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm For the last sixty years Indigenous peoples in the U.S. and Canada have relocated from the remnants of their homelands to the urban centers. This movement occurred mainly for economic reasons. And as the people moved to the cities, large . . .

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cclispM. Div.  ISP-HISX500/600 – Re-imagining Faith and Theology through An Indigenous World View

ISP-HISX500/600 – Re-imagining Faith and Theology through An Indigenous World View

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

Randy Woodley July 16 – 20 Lecture: 9am – 12pm Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm An examination of North American Indigenous spirituality and worldview in the Jesus Way, as compared to Western colonial Christian perspectives. The course seeks to provide an alternative lens for viewing church history and theology from another paradigm other than Western Christian . . .

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cclispM. Div.  ISP-THX571 – Religious Pluralism

ISP-THX571 – Religious Pluralism

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

Laura Duhan-Kaplan July 23 – 27 Lecture: 9am – 12pm Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm Canada today hopes to welcome multiple religious traditions into the public sphere. Indigenous Canadians are re-discovering traditions and confronting a history of oppression. How should Indigenous people and their fellow travellers participate in religious pluralism? Together, we will develop answers as . . .

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cclispM. Div.  ISP-NTX611 – De/Colonizing Jesus: New Testament Colonial and Postcolonial Christology in the Context of the Roman Empire

ISP-NTX611 – De/Colonizing Jesus: New Testament Colonial and Postcolonial Christology in the Context of the Roman Empire

cclisp  View outline (PDF)  

July 23 – 27 Lecture: 9am – 12pm Tutorial: 2pm – 5pm This course introduces students to first century confession of Jesus in the Roman Empire where Churches lived out their faith in a situation of occupation. At the same time, since First Contact, colonizing powers have often used the New Testament to promote settler . . .

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Courses can be taken for M.Div credit (3), ConEd. credit –  or Certificate credit – (1.5), and Audit.

Daily attendance and a final project are the requirements for M.Div credit. In order to receive ISP credit, students must attend 15 hours of class, and submit daily journals. Audit students should attend a minimum of 60% of lecture hours.

Indigenous Studies Program Summer School courses may be taken for transfer credit.  Please contact the Indigenous Studies Program office ([email protected]) to inquire about transferable degree credit.

Please note that you can use your ISP Credits towards our new Indigenous Studies Program Certificate.

ISP Certificate Information



A $35 (Cdn) non-refundable fee is due with your registration. Lunch is charged at $75.00 per person, per week, and will be added to your registration and tuition fees.


Audit Course: $255.00
ISP/Con.Ed. Course: $331.00
M.Div Course: $843.00 ($281.00/credit x 3 credits/course)



For those interested in making reservations at the aforementioned locations, please contact the corresponding office through the information provided above and place your reservations. We encourage you to make reservations as soon as possible due limited space on campus during summer


The lunch plan is included in your registration package, Monday to Friday, at a cost of $75.00 per person, per week. Our ability to respond to specially dietary needs is limited. Due to space limitation, ISP won’t offer breakfast this year. Students may purchase breakfast tickets at Great Dane or Carey Centre. For those reserving accommodation with the ISP booking code, breakfast is included with your reservations.


To apply, please fill out the following form and send it to [email protected]

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In the event of low registrations, some courses may be cancelled.  Information on course cancellation will be available on our website in early June.

ISP – Certificate in Theological Studies

The ISP Certificate is a non-degree program for students who are interested in deepening their understanding about how their Indigenous context impacts Christian faith and theological thought. As academic credit is not offered, an undergraduate degree is not required for enrollment. The Certificate is granted at VST to students who successfully complete 12 units of study in Continuing Education (ConEd) and ISP-M.Div courses during summer school or by extension.

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