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Indigenous Studies Program Certificate

Continuing Education Certificate

Overview of Program

The ISP Certificate in Theological Studies is a non-degree program for students who are interested in deepening their understanding about how their Indigenous context impacts Christian faith and theological thought. As academic credit is not offered, an undergraduate degree is not required for enrolment.

Length of Program and Course Requirements

The Certificate is granted at VST to students who successfully complete 12 Units of study in Continuing Education (ConEd) and ISP-M.Div courses. Ten hours of classroom instruction is equal to one Certificate Unit. All course work can be completed within two years.

The Certificate program is primarily undertaken in ISP Summer School. Students can also obtain Certificate Units by auditing M.Div courses delivered where extension students are living. For example, a Summer School ConEd course, or morning session of the ISP-M.Div course, would each count as 1.5 Certificate Units.

Please note: Certificate Units may not be transferred into VST’s Diploma or Degree programs. Con Ed credits completed prior to admission to the Certificate program do not apply.

Certificate course work expectations:

• All reading as assigned by instructor
• Class participation and group work
• Journal-level assignments. An equivalent oral presentation can be used to meet the writing expectation.


1. Submit  application form (w/$25 app fee)

2. Submit one letter of reference

Download application form here:


Please send your documents via email to:

Catalina Parra
Indigenous Studies Program, Coordinator


ISP Master of Divinity by Extension

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