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Annual Conference

Annual Conference

Preliminary Draft Program

Keynote Speaker (Sunday May 26, 7:00 pm)

Peter W. Klein, Emmy Award-winning international journalist and filmmaker, and former director of the UBC School of Journalism. (Sunday May 26, 7:00 pm)

Multifaith Panel Presentation: Nonviolent Responses in Violent Situations (Monday May 27, mid to late afternoon)

Anita Fast (Christian), Christian Peacemakers in Palestine
Mary Fontaine (Indigenous), Hummingbird Ministries Work with Children and Youth
Kyira Korrigan (Buddhist), Federal Prison Chaplaincy
Arun Chatterjee (Hindu), Feeding the Homeless in Surrey
Eli Kaplan (Jewish), Cooperative Arab-Israeli Education in Jaffa

Distinguished Lecture on Islamophobia (Monday May 27, 7:00 pm)

Dr. Osumanu Nuhu Shaributu, Grand Mufti and National Chief Imam of the Republic of Ghana

Theatre Presentation and Integrative Workshop (Tuesday May 28, mid to late afternoon)

“On Both Sides of the Wall,” written and directed by Hillary Kaplan

Workshop facilitated by Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan and Dr. Harry Maier

Scholarly Papers (Monday May 27 and Tuesday May 28, morning & early afternoon)

An Excess of Devotion: Interpreting Catherine Tekakwitha’s Bodily Asceticism, Colby Gaudet

Apocalyptic Violence, Dr. Harry Maier

Arts-based approaches to Conflicts with Religious Dimensions, Professor Michelle LeBaron and Dr. Maged Senbel

Deconstructing Adam and Eve: A Theory of the Origins of Human Violence, Irene Policzer

Education, Ritual, and Civility as Antidote to and Bulwark Against Religiously Motivated Violence, Dr. Jack Marsh

Friendship and Non-Violent Resistance to Oppression, Anne-Marie Ellithorpe

God’s Resurrection from the Bone Well: After Genocide in Guatemala, Dr. Emilie Smith

Healing from Sexual Crimes: A Buddhist and Spiritual Path to Forgiveness and Compassion, Heather Conn

Healing from Trauma: Integrating Psychology and Christian Theology, Dr. Duncan Holloman

Insights from the Tao Te Ching on Violence and Leadership, Dr. Francis Pring-Mill

Interpreting a God of Violence: Preaching as an Act of Peace-making, Rev. Dr. Pat Dutcher-Walls

Inter-Religious Bullying: An Educational Response, Multifaith Summit Council of BC Education Committee

(Ir)religious Violence and the (Ab)use of ‘Innocent Weapons’: (Re)imagining Juvenile Masculinities in the Secular-Religious Conflicts of World Cinema, James Magee

Jus ad bellum [requirements for Just War] in Biblical Herem, Kiara Falk

My Grandfather’s Hidden History: Exploring Memory and Intergenerational Trauma After WWII, Leslie Buerschaper

The Origin of Christian Violence or A Myth of Mere Righteousness, Rev. Michael Hemmings

The people shouted… and the wall fell flat, Dr. Terry Neiman

Prophetic Religion’s Critique and Provisionally Constructive Views on Violence: Dynamics, Ambiguities, Caveats, and Enduring Challenges, Rev. Barry Morris

The Rape of Dina: Sex, Violence, and Midrash, Lauren Sanders

Religious Extremism in Some Islamic Groups: Theological and Psychological Basis, Dr. Nasir Zaidi

That “Brown, Palestinian Jew, Jesus” and the Obviousness of Anti-Semitic Discourse, Dr. Mark Stein

Theology in Court: Religious Organizations, Amicus Briefs, and the Rights of Transgender Persons, Dr. Kathryn Lee

The Violence of British Columbia: Life Without Treaties, Rev. Ray Aldred

The Violence of Othering: Spiritual, Moral, and Political Perspectives, Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan

The Violence of Religious Speaking, Matthew Arthur

Violence in Ancient Egyptian Religious Iconography: Purpose and Meaning, Dr. David A. Falk

When Lashon Hara [gossip] is an Obligation, Rabbi Philip Gibbs

Violence and the Beautiful Soul: Sixteenth-century Women at War, Dr. Rebecca Giselbrecht


Please register here. The $150 fee/$75 for students includes continental breakfast and lunch each day. Limited on-campus accommodations at Carey Centre are available at a rate of $99 per day at Carey Centre; information will be included in the registrants welcome letter.

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