Expressing Transformational Healing: Art as Dialogue

Date: TBA


This presentation presents the artist’s personal experience of hope and purpose through dialogue as a healing source.

In the Spring of 2019, I had the first exhibition of a series of small studies that journaled healing from dissociative amnesia and incest. The exhibition was at the New Jerusalem Chapel at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria. The dialogue that was created by the exhibition was a guiding light to work toward further dialogue.

In 2023-2024 the small studies were a part of the bigger picture of atrocities, the question of where to from here when there is no amicable relationship to return to through reconciliation, and finally, the power that exists in ancient Indigenous ways that work with the teachings of Christ.

Confronting social conditioning rooted in discrimination and hatred is a task to be undertaken by those who embody the knowledge of resurrection, redemption, and sacred blessing.

Patricia June Vickers, Ph.D., is of British, Haida, Tsm’syen and Heiltsuk ancestry. Her major art influence was and continues to be Northwest Coast traditional art. And having partnered with her brother, Roy Henry Vickers, as an appliqué artist, she came to experience Tsm’syen art lines and form through Roy’s designs. Patricia’s main interest in painting and mixed media is to express the nature of spiritual transformation pulling together harmonious beauty as healing medicine.

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