H.R. MacMillan Fund application

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Clergy Financial Aid
The VST Financial Aid Committee will consider applications in the weeks following these deadlines:
  • 30 April (Summer term programs),
  • 10 September (Fall term programs),
  • 15 January (Spring term programs)

Grants will only be considered for clergy in good standing with their respective denominations. Applications must include appropriate confirmation indicating good standing within their denomination from the following: (email directly to the VST Financial Aid Officer at financialaid@vst.edu):
  • ACC – Diocesan Bishop
  • UCC – Regional Vocations Minister
  • PCC – Clerk of Presbytery

Priority will be given to applicants continuing their education at VST. Please be aware that funding available for non-VST courses is extremely limited.

Grants to applicants for continuing education courses will be restricted to a maximum of $400 per fiscal year (May – April).

Grants will be made for Clinical Pastoral Education applicants only after the applicant has supported themselves through the first two units. Since these courses are not offered by VST but are required for VST degree credit, support will be limited to 50% of the equivalent VST tuition fee based on credit hours.

Grants shall not be made for the following:
  • A course already completed by the applicant;
  • Non-VST courses taken by applicants from outside British Columbia and the Yukon;
  • Applications from lay persons;
  • Clergy on Leave of Absence will not normally be supported;
  • Retired clergy will not normally be supported. However, retired clergy engaged in accountable ministry may apply to the fund regarding programs related to their ministry, unless they have already received a discount to their fees, in which case, no further award will be made.