Spiritual & Theological Foundations

Code: PT500

Dates: September 9, 2019 - November 29, 2019 on Thursdays

Time: 9:00 am for 3 hours

This course is designed for students approaching ministry in pastoral and public contexts. We will attend to contemplative prayer, to the practice of faith in ordinary life, and to the shape of specifically Christian mission. The claim is not that Christian mission is the only appropriate way to do ministry. The goal is rather for each of us to become master practitioners at our own craft, learning from other master practitioners as we watch them practice theirs. To switch the metaphor, it is to speak and write and think beautifully in one language, and perhaps, through painstaking work, another, but not to mash our languages into an unintelligible Esperanto.

Available by Distance
Both synchronous & asynchronous.