PCC Heritage, Polity & Practice

Code: SAH-DS510

Dates: January 16, 2024 - April 19, 2024 on Tuesdays

Time: 9:00 am for 3 hours

9:00am PST

The course will begin with a brief overview of the Presbyterian heritage in Canada in order to offer a better background for the unique nature of our Presbyterian governance rather than a congregational or episcopal model. The Book of Forms will be a main focus of our time together: its background, its theological and biblical basis, its rules for Congregations, Sessions, Presbyteries, Synods and General Assembly. Students will read the The Book of Forms and its Appendices, participate in role plays and discussions of its content, and complete three take-home quizzes on where to find answers to questions that might arise in the life of the church. It will also contain an introduction to some more recent policy revisions and additions to the rules of the church related to such issues as women in ministry, freedom of conscience, human sexuality and reconciliation with First Nations people.

Course will be taught in person at VST, and via Zoom for distance students (degree students must connect synchronously if studying via Zoom)