Pastoral/Spiritual Care & Practice

Code: PT551

Dates: January 17, 2022 - April 4, 2022 on Mondays

To be a caregiver of another psyche or soul in times of everyday discernment, life transitions, trauma or crisis is a sacred and privileged call. As human beings our first instinct is to “fix” what is wrong and restore the comfort of the other and of ourselves. To be present with another’s suffering without imposing one’s own opinions, prejudices or agenda is a critical skill. Active listening is at the heart of that skill.

This is a course that is a combination of learning frameworks and practicing specific listening skills within the context of pastoral and spiritual conversations both in class and outside of class in a community. Alongside these two things, students will learn about themselves as instruments of pastoral and spiritual care and have the opportunity to articulate their understanding of a theological basis for who they are and how they function as caregivers. This class is meant to provide students with tools to engage the very practical but complex issues that the pastoral/spiritual professional may encounter in today’s society.

Available only synchronous Zoom on Monday morning classes


All students in this course must have a current Police Record check on file with the VST Registrar or Theological Field Education office at VST to take this course. It is the student’s responsibility to bring or send evidence of that to the first class. Students who do not do this will not be allowed to continue in the course.

Prior to the second class students are expected to have taken the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator online and to have purchased Introduction to Type (see Required Readings). Taking the instrument is an extra expense of approximately $70.00 CAD. Taking this instrument prior to the second class is required. Students will need to have their results and their Introduction to Type booklet for the class on January 25th. Students who do not do these two things will not be allowed to continue in the course. When you sign up for the course, you will be given directions on how and where to take the instrument and how to purchase the booklet.