Studio for Strategic Leadership: Part 1

Code: PT651

Dates: September 9, 2019, September 23, 2019, October 7, 2019, October 17, 2019, October 18, 2019, October 19, 2019, November 4, 2019, and November 18, 2019

Theologically trained professionals serving congregational or social ministries, agencies, organizations, and other institutions are continually presented with a changing context and the need for their organizations to respond. One of the critical leadership challenges is to identify opportunities which are truly strategic and then to assist the organization to embrace the occasion. This complex skill set requires an ability to read, interpret and move in the direction of the missio Dei in very concrete ways in widely diverse settings.

This course provides an opportunity for those preparing for pastoral and public leadership to combine instruction in leadership theory and theology with on-the-ground experience of discerning and developing leadership challenges and ministry opportunities. Within a collaborative, creative, experiential and educational environment, students (and mentors) will work to discern and develop strategic leadership capabilities within a particular community and/or congregation. A broad range of partners in church and society may become involved in the project, thus presenting learning opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaboration. In all cases, we will understand the leadership opportunity to be one of serving the community in its desire to experience the missio Dei, or flourishing of life, in a specific context. The studio mentors and instructors will assist the students to research, prepare, exercise and evaluate their leadership in the context in which they are situated. In conversation with the Studio Instructor, students select their learning sites and mentors on the basis of the criteria related to promise of learning opportunity for leadership. Professionals bring a leadership challenge/opportunity from their own context

PT500; PT501 and PT502.  MDiv students must take PT551 prior or concurrent to enrollment.

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