Integrative Ministry Seminar

Code: PT655

Dates: September 9, 2019, September 23, 2019, October 7, 2019, October 28, 2019, and November 18, 2019

Whether in religious, secular, or border-crossing contexts, practitioners need skills that will enable them to put caring and conviction into effective practice. Leaders inspired by faith to work in community development and social entrepreneurship need experience in foundational skills such as writing proposals, implementing projects, supporting innovation, and building community partnerships.

Building on the skills of spiritual practice, theological reflection, self-awareness, and context mapping developed in previous MA-PPL courses, PT 611 will enable students to build a bridge between their theological education and the practice of ministry out in the community. Through instruction and support for their Capstone Projects and engagement with practices of community development, students will learn of the breadth and depth of possibilities for innovative and effective community ministry.

Prior or concurrent registration in PT651/652: Studio

Available by Distance
Both synchronous & asynchronous.