Leadership Here & Now

Code: PT653

Dates: February 27, 2020 - February 29, 2020

On-Site Intensive

Theological trained leaders in small and large organizations must attend to a wide range of issues, and must develop competencies in four key areas: spiritual discernment, self-awareness and control, interpersonal and group communication, and organizational identity and mission within the larger context of community and the world. This course provides analytical tools for identifying key areas for your personal growth as a leader, and guidance for self-study and progress in these key competencies. It builds on and augments insights and skills developed in previous courses in the Pastoral and Public Leadership track.

This course is required for all MA-PPL and MDiv students. The Leadership Studio (PT651/652) is normally a pre-requisite for this course for MDiv and part-time MA-PPL students. Fulltime MA-PPL students (and others with permission of an instructor) may enroll in PT653 and the Studio concurrently.

Available on Campus Only