Leadership Here & Now

Code: PT653

Dates: February 23, 2023 - February 25, 2023

Thur 6-9pm; Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm On-site only (no Zoom)

Theologically trained leaders who serve large or small organizations must attend to a wide range of issues, including spiritual discernment, interpersonal and group dynamics, organizational identity, administration, and mission within the context of particular communities, circumstances, and the world. To lead effectively requires the ability to focus on the “here and now” in a particular context or situation, but also to step outside the immediate situation and gain a broader perspective. This course provides tools, insights, and practical guidance concerning the leadership competencies that will help you lead with insight in any situation. This course is required for MA-PPL (with the exception of those in the Spiritual Care specialization) and M Div. students, to augment other courses in the Pastoral and Public Leadership track.

Prerequisites: The Leadership Studio (PT651/652) is normally a pre-requisite for this course for MDiv and part-time MA-PPL students. Fulltime MA-PPL students (and others with permission of an instructor) may enroll in PT653 and the Leadership Studio concurrently.

This course meets Feb 23-25 for an on-site intensive at VST.  

Available only in person – no Zoom option