Indigenous Theologies & Epistimologies

Code: TH5/714

Dates: September 13, 2021 - December 3, 2021 on Thursdays

Time: 9:00 am for 3 hours

Note: This course is on an every-other-year rotation.

This course is an exploration of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. The course foci include Indigenous identity, Indigenous ways of teaching, ceremony and their implication for the practice of theological reflection. The course focuses primarily upon North American Indigenous groups through dialogue, media, assigned reading.

Students will meet for weekly sessions to talk about Indigenous identity and its development within dominate North American society.

This course will assist students with inquiring into Indigenous Identity as a way of thinking and being rather than a concept of identity and separation. Throughout discussions and writings, all are supported to explore personal and collective experiences past and present.

Throughout all exploration, the emphasis will be on foundational spiritual teachings from Indigenous thought and protocol and the teachings of Christ.