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TH6/715 – Kierkegaard

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Provocative, prophetic, relentless, playful: many of the most influential philosophical and theological movements of the last 100 years have claimed Søren Kierkegaard as one of their own. But Kierkegaard is notoriously difficult to school. The purpose of this class is a detailed introduction to the thought of Kierkegaard through a close reading of some of his most influential writings. Top of the agenda will be to get a feeling for his unceasingly dialectical way of thinking. We will encounter his use of pseudonyms, and consider his technique of ‘indirect’ (as opposed to ‘direct’) communication.   We will pay close attention to his concept of selfhood, including the so-called ‘stages of existence,’ but concentrating especially on his notions of paradox, striving, inward deepening, faith and offense, and the God-relation.   In preparation for this course, it is highly recommended students read Plato’s dialogue, “Meno.”.   Pre-requisite: TH500

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