TH614—Theology in a World of Differences

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Instructor: Steven Chambers

As pastoral leaders and public theologians, in a global community marked by great differences, we find ourselves often in conversations that matter greatly. To be respectful and to articulate our views clearly are challenges we all face, whether the conversation is in a coffee shop, from a pulpit/lectern or on social media. Recognizing the ambiguity and pluralism of our time in which not all voices in conversation are equal and some cultures dominate, our confidence needs to be strong in offering theological clarity and meaning in respectful and helpful ways.

The purpose of this course is to further the student’s competence and encourage theological reflection across lines of difference by deepening understandings of contextuality, unity and diversity, postcolonialism, interculturalism and religious pluralism. Students will be challenged into conversation with a variety of texts, theologies and worldviews in order to more carefully articulate their own understandings.

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