TH5/721 – New Christian Reformers and the Jews

July 10-14, 2017: 2-5pm

A Jewish philosopher teaches about a collection of contemporary Christian theologians (Lindbeck, Hauerwas and 5 more) who renew and refine Reformation doctrines in surprising ways. Students will be invited to read a variety of engaging excerpts from each of these theologians and then to reflect on questions like these: Why does each theologian seek to renew and refine Reformation doctrines? Why does each affirm a robust theology of Scripture, of Jesus Christ, and of ecclesial community while at the same time affirming renewed engagement with both biblical and rabbinic Judaism and engaging in a breadth of inter-religious encounters and conversations?

Peter Ochs is the Bronfman professor of modern Judaic studies at the University of Virginia. His research addresses several subjects: logic, semiotics, and scripture (“scriptural reasoning”); inter-religious violence and peacebuilding. His course and lecture will draw on his book Another Reformation: Postliberal Christianity and the Jews (Baker).

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