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TH103 – Dazed and Confused: When God, Church and World make no sense

Instructor(s): Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee

The church is struggling to rethink itself in a digital age, and often, if we’re honest, how to do church now doesn’t make sense. But God the Trinity has never “made sense.” Therefore the church has nothing to fear from an age of distraction and confusion.

The purpose of the course is not so much how to “do” church in a social media age (though we will attend to how churches have turned the texture of our day to their ministerial advantage) but rather on how the technologies we use without thinking about them shape our souls. We will also attend to how God the Holy Trinity shapes our souls toward love of God and neighbour. The public lecture will attend to how we can read scripture and preach from it amidst our multiple confusions.

Course Outline

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