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PT610 – Practical Theology and Pastoral Ministry

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Janet Gear

To lead from the heart of a community’s lived faith requires a capacity to read and interpret the theologies operative within a given context. The purpose of this senior seminar is to allow us to practice our skills as practical theologians – as interpreters of the implicit and explicit theologies shaping and expressing the belief and unbelief about God/world/church of those with whom we live, work, and serve.

Building on the work begun in previous Pastoral and Public Leadership courses, PT610 will pay continued attention to three core issues affecting the practice of ministry: identity, theology, and context. Students will use methodologies of theological interpretation and reflection to engage emerging issues in the practice of ministry with an eye to learning to lead from the locus of the community’s lived faith. This course will support the foundational integrative work required for preparing the position paper on ministry (PT698).

Class dates: Mondays Sept 24 & Oct 1; Tuesday Oct 16; Mondays Oct 29 & Nov 19  (9am – 12pm)

Note: Off-site students synchronous only

Prerequisite: PT651/652

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