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PT5/725 – Sacred Dying: Pastoral Care, End of Life, and the 21st Century

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July 10-14, 2017: 9am-12pm

How do we, as people of faith, offer pastoral care for our dying in a complicated 21st Century? How we die is changing. While people are living longer, they struggle with cancer, dementia, and caregiving for loved ones. Serious illness is managed over months and sometimes years, so that prolonged death is the new norm. Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) is now part of the medical landscape. There is a complex array of spiritual needs that surround these changing physical, ethical, and psychological states. This course offers an overview of the current medical landscape, skills needed for those who accompany people at end of life, and practical models for pastoral care of the dying. It is designed to meet needs of faith communities and is intended for clergy and laity alike.

Megory Anderson, founder and Director of the Sacred Dying Foundation, is a theologian, comparative religion scholar, and author of Sacred Dying: Creating Rituals for Embracing the End of Life (Da Capo) and Attending the Dying (Morehouse). Her work is known internationally in the end-of-life arena.

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