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PT5/724 – Going Deeper/Reaching Wider

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July 3-7, 2017: 2-5pm

Which is it, going deeper into the great treasure house of Christian faith, theology and practices or reaching wider into an increasingly diverse and pluralistic world? How about both? The theme we will explore and flesh out in this week is the Going Deeper into our faith and its rich tradition and Reaching Wider and beyond our tribe or clan are bound up together, two parts of one whole. We will explore specific strategies that help and challenge congregations to Go Deeper and Reach Wider.

Tony Robinson is a United Church of Christ minister who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He has taught and spoken widely in North America. He is the author of the best-selling Transforming Congregational Culture, Changing the Conversation, and most recently, Called to Lead: Paul’s Letter To Timothy for Today’s Church (all with Eerdmans)

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