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NT/HOM6/750 – From Text to Life: The New Testament and what we do with it

View outline (PDF)   Instructor(s): Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee

In the last century of theological scholarship, we have seen a remarkable revival of theological approaches to biblical scholarship. Yet there still remains the great challenge of bringing the treasures of this new scholarship into our life together in the church. How do we “bridge” or “translate” (the metaphors are all unsatisfying) academic biblical scholarship for the ministerial tasks of preaching and leading and serving a congregation? This course will practice engaging with biblical scholarship and making its findings accessible in the life of the church. For the sake of the course we will focus on St. Paul and the Pauline corpus of the NT. The course will feature seminar discussion, sermon-preaching, academic engagement, in-class visits from and field trips to local ministries that live out the NT in illuminating ways.   Pre-requisite: HOM500 and/or NT501

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