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NMC-THX113 Knowing the Creator through creation

July 17th to July 21st
Dr. Cheryl Bear. Bear clan, Nadleh Whut’en, Dakelh First Nation. She is a multi-award winning singer/songwriter who shares stories of Indigenous life—the joy, sorrow, faith, and journey. Cheryl travels to First Nations communities around North America sharing songs of healing and songs to the Creator. She has a doctorate degree from The King’s University in Los Angeles and a Master of Divinity degree from Regent College in Vancouver,
Part of the Indigenous “testament” points to the relationship Indigenous people have had to Creation and that this relationship has served as a source of understanding about how to live in a good relationship with Creator. This course will examine different creation accounts of Indigenous people and seek to compare and contrast those with the Christian “testaments”.

Please note this course is open to all students.

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